KBH ART, is the name of my work. The name originates from my initials; Kathrine Buch Henriksen. 

I come from Denmark, but have lived abroad and traveled a lot throughout my life.  I've painted since I can remember, but it's only within the last 2-3 years, that I have started really working with vibrant colours and a variatey of brushstrokes, stepping a bit out of my comfortzone.

I've always been fascinated by faces, and the sensation or feeling a portrait can induce in the viewer. Especially the large variety of different expressions you can read in another person’ face. Even the smallest contractions in the muscles can change an appearance completely. In my work, I try to captivate people and induce or provoke the feelings we associate with the face we see and read. I want people to re-experience the feelings they have with a familiar face even long after they have forgotten why. The viewer might not remember, what this person said or did, but the feeling associated will most likely linger long after. I call this collection “Charisma” because all of these faces have some kind of magnetic appeal in my view.

I hope you will enjoy my art work.